Take it Stride (full mixtape)

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Things aren’t always in your control but when life gives you lemons what choice do you have But to add sugar while applying pressure for a sweet outcome. It’s not what you go through, it’s not how hard you fall, it’s how you deal with the bitterness that hardship create. That is what defies your strength a person because moving forward isn’t always easy, but you have to place one foot in front of the other; take it and stride.

This mixtape was released September 17th, 2016 with a heavy 90’s hiphop vibe, hardcore/thought-filled rap lyrics, and incredible flows that help to convey the intended message. “Life is not easy,” eat your humble pie, and always remember your dreams. As long as you’re walking your path, there will always be hick ups in the road but stay the course and dream will become reality.

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